Virginia Commonwealth University is fundamentally a racist institution. The government of the state of Virginia is, in fact, a racist government by all account, and testimony lies in their employment processes. Someone remind the racists in Virginia that employment at government institutions cannot belong to white people alone.

Nothing baffles me than the idea of “white priviledge” in Africa. Imagine I came to your home as a visitor. Then for some strange reason I become more privileged than you to an extent I begin ordering you around… In your own house! Hmmmmmmmm!!!!

The Obama presidency has been a “race presidency”, and we truly care less what Professor Obama himself has to say because we know he will dance around the issue to save his office. We are also quite aware that this racist sound system is coming from rural, utterly ignorant and poorly educated whites in the southern states of America.

They have now resorted to using employment as a weapon against people of color. And right at the bottom of that color spectrum are we black people as usual. White South African and white American employers have now organized themselves into cartels just so as to engage in mild but penetrating economic and psychological aggression, all to incapacitate the black political view and governance thereof. It is wishful thinking because the white economy is quite eroded at this stage but we thought we should make you aware of what you are up against. If you cannot seem to stay employed because you keep getting fired for not wearing the “clown suit”, do not let your friends or family fool you into thinking you have some kind of a problem. It’s all in the system my friend and our true white family does agree with us all the while… They know we carry no malice at the end!

Let us imagine that you were a very stupid person like orang-u-tang Donald Trump. Don’t you think that you will have a very vested interest in proving everyone else is stupid but you?! Oh, yes! My little handsome son has a brand new name for Dumb-hole Trump, we call him Orang-u-Trump because he looks more orange each day. Dumb-hole Trump is the true epitome of stupidity for sure. …Simply one disgraceful racist fool with a big trashy peanut gallery for a following.


President Thabo Mbeki was transformed into a buffoon of sort by the conniving, envious, gravalicious, juvenile, short-sighted, low IQ and wishful nature of the American media, alongside it’s affiliate in Johannesburg, the white South African media. The final straw that capsized the Mbeki presidency was a very simple and seemingly nonsensical statement: “HIV does not cause AIDS” or “HIV cannot cause AIDS”. That statement taken at face value, as is, should sound quite stupid to any good thinker for sure.  But you and I understand that silly people belong where other silly people hang out. …You and I on the other hand are proper and determined thinkers, I trust.  Furthermore, together we should be quite determined to set the record straight once and for all generations. Let us bring our lenses to good focus, even for a split.  What Mbeki was attempting to forward was: Throughout documented history, there has never been “one single virus” to cause a full myriad, a full spectrum or very varying array of diseases all at once, as the Americans and Europeans are suggesting with this thing called “HIV”. Simply put, there has never been a one-cause-many type of virus in all of human existence. Now, here suddenly comes this notion that sounds like yet another “boat ride”.  Keep in mind that we the people of African origin have quite a lengthy history with bigoted misinformation; keep in mind we were made to believe that we were nothing past babboons by French intellectuals at some point.  Then again, maybe this H.I. Virus does indeed cause cancer for one. But over and beyond that, perhaps, it is the psychological impact on human soul, the violent and piercing poverty that lead to all other conditions… So, you decide!

Thabo Mbeki is very interesting, to say the least. Here is a hardcore intellectual and heavy thinker who was consumed by his own thoughts.  Whether you are a South African or not, I want you to get this straight: Thabo Mbeki was the founding President of the Republic of South Africa, de facto or otherwise.  President Nelson Mandela repeated that idea more than once.  The Comandante told us that he was too exhausted to operate the affairs of government and he simply ran for President of the Republic so he could hand power to Mbeki.  South Africans, Americans and Venezuelans will spend a thousand years and still have a hard time understanding their leaders.  Just like Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Hugo Chavez.