Fahari Sound @ Rose Hall, Montego Bay


Woman in Me

“If any human were to face death this minute… And without any rehearsal at all… The last word out of their mouth would be, “Mama.”

“When a woman erupts, screams & throws punches, it does not mean YOU should punch back. YOU must celebrate HER more because SHE is a lady.”

“When I become president of the country, I will make the need for a woman to look & feel beautiful a RIGHT, not a privilege. Believe me!”

“There is no way any of us could have arrived on this planet if the woman did not go through her sacred biological moments. Uplift her now!”

“YOU raise your fist & punch a woman once, YOU are eternally condemned. YOU will never reverse that; the spirit will be upon you my friend.”

“I do not understand where the weakness is in a woman being a woman… When I woman goes through her cycle, that is a blessing in itself!”


Hail Fahari

“We are known to the world largely as Fahari Sound International. “Fahari” is a Swahili word derived from Arabic. It means quite a few things. Depending on how you use it in a sentence or pronouncement, it can mean pride, living well, glory or simply being great or better. The legendary Swahili language is largely a Bantu language infused with Arabic, Hindu Kush, German, Latin & small traces of numerous Asiatic languages. I will give you an example: The word for school in German is “schule”; the word for school in Swahili is “shule”. That is not by accident because Germany did occupy East Africa for a brief period in history. As a matter of fact, some members of the Austro-Hungary & Dutch royal families — princesses & princes — were literally born in Tanzania, East Africa. So, though we operate under many names & disguises, we remain “Fahari Sound International”. Many imposters have come & many have washed away but Rastafari placed the Crown there and no man or woman will ever be able to reach it. JAH guide you.”

Don’t forget to smile because we are right there in the heart that drums inside your chest. That is where the REAL REGGAE music lives.”

“When I was homeless I used to sit at the park behind the church to have lunch. One day I observed a Bangladeshi child riding a bicycle. He had made a few spins and I took little notice of it. But then on one of his trips, a squirrel decided to sit on his path. Next thing I heard was the child saying, “Sorry! Excuse me!” in anguish. So I wondered if he had been calling out to me. Hell… The little man had been seriously pleading with the squirrel for the right of way. Good people I have to tell you that it’s just one of those moments that lingers in my cranium. The gentleness of life has profound methods of reaching us for true…”



Babylon System

“There is no way you can shout verbal commands from inside a police vehicle without windows rolled down. But you and I have never seen police car windows rolled down unless something is very out of the normal. The police car drove right into the children’s park [which is illegal by the way] for the sole purpose of firing shots and killing Tamir Rice.”

“It’s not that we have anything against the police… As a matter of fact, the police are no different from any ordinary person who works at the shopping mall for instance… They are simply people with families who are trying to provide for themselves, just like you and I. What we are against are the things they do when they think society is sleeping or not watching. What we are against is them conducting reprisals or settling scores simply because we decided to vote for a black man to be our President. What we are against is them representing ‪#‎Capitalist‬ interests at our expense. What we are against is them representing racist court judges & police chiefs at our expense. What we are against is them operating as though they are above society altogether. What we are against is them trying to influence public opinion by arming up, muscling people around and killing poor people. That is what we are against.”

“What we have in America is a backward white dominated criminal justice system that represents no one but itself.”

“What we have in American is a paranoid white police force that operates as though seeking to repress an impending slave rebellion.”

“What we have is a police force that is a runaway train; funded by citizens but treats citizens as enemy, in favor of white court judges.”

“Big up to the Greater Richmond Transport Company for very enjoyable & affordable bus rides. Yeah, they are many times a little late & sometimes the drivers are quite itchy but the service is reasonably civilized overall. Washington D.C. & New York transportation systems can learn from Richmond’s GRTC buses.” Fahari Sound International



“Two songs that will penetrate the universe for all eternity are “Vulindlela” by Brenda Fassie & “Matswale” by the legendary Caiphus Semenya”. If you don’t know who Caiphus Semenya is, you should listen to the song “Liberian Girl” by Michael Jackson. The background vocals of that legendary song were done by Semenya and his wife Letta Mbulu. I think they also coached Michael Jackson on how to pronounce Swahili words “Nakupenda piya, nakutaka piya… Mpenzi we!”, which translate to “I love you, I need you… My love!”, at the intro and serenaded throughout the classic. Blessed love!” Fahari Sound International



“When I become President of the country, I will have two desks: One for Commander Nelson Mandela, one for me. Then I will have 3 portraits on the wall behind me: President Thabo Mbeki, Comandante Che Guevara & Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Then I will clean up every inch of the country. And if you have participated in any form of corruption, you might as well dig yourself a grave because we will bury you alive.” Commando Fahari Sound


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