Mila my Love!

“Thoughts of my legendary mother are what make me very sensitive about women.  When so ever my mother cooked, the very first plate, which overflowed every time, always went to the security guard at the gate of our home.  My emotions toward girls & women were entrenched more deeply when I worked at a law firm in Washington, D.C., where my job was to review health records of women.   There I would review notes as verbatim as written out by  respective doctors, all day long, and it is there I got to see a side of women that all men in the world will never get to see.  I used to glue to the computer screen while parsing through very heart crushing health histories of thousands of women.  That is how I became quick to forgive women, and I forgive women no matter what the sin…  I forgave even when I once caught some women stealing lingerie at the department store in the shopping mall.  I will always maintain a good amount of respect knowing what I know.”

“I teach my handsome little son named Che Guevara that the last thing he wants to do on this planet is fight or disrespect women.  I tell him that there are only 2 outcomes in such a war: (i) He will lose the fight & (ii) He will kill her or she will kill him.”

“We decided to orient attacks toward Hillary Clinton when her husband decided to ‘go white’ on Comrade Barack, when he called the idea of Brother Leader Obama becoming President ‘a fairy tale’.  That was when we got really pissed at Dick Lick Bill.  Consider this friendly fire because we still love you ‘Billary’!”

“…But peace because my favorite tune is ‘Groove Me… Dolly My Baby’ by Super Cat & the late great Trevor Sparks.  Yeah, you must think of the Don Mind each time you take a glass of water while listening to that tune. Blesser!”


“Fresh from the county juvenile court to send one white teenager to prison for 6 moths. He will then spend 2 years without a driver’s license [after serving the 6 month sentence]. Then he will come up with a ‘pleaded guilty’ on any & every application form he will ever fill out for the rest of his life. That means everything from an application for a job, application for an apartment and anything else…That is just what happens when they chose to double cross the Don Papa; that is what happens when they send threats, commit robbery against or test the High Power. The Don Man walks & smiles like a simpleton but be careful because every detective, every court judge & all law agencies protect the Don Mind any which part of this planet… That comes satisfaction guaranteed because we function with laws of Heaven altogether, which burn pure fire.

I have a further up to 5 black kids sitting in the county jail waiting for us to decide. They have all been rounded up and are now eating jail food. They will be in that jail for the next 2 to 3 months, well before even seeing the judge in court. You might as well call it ‘hell com’ down mi friend!’ The state attorney called us yesterday to ask if we should grant bail and we said, ‘Absolutely NO! Let them chill in hell for the next few months before they face fire’. They will then be indicted with an unrelenting pile of charges, up to & including attempted murder. Translation of that is, ‘Life is on this planet is simply done & they have just become another statistic’. None of them will ever be allowed to come near the Sufferah System so long as they breath. So then again brothers & sisters… The High Power walks in peace; Don Papa wears a simple smile and he always comes in peace. The Sufferin’ Don has been homeless, scorned, abused and fired from many jobs already. But with all that one thing is for sure, with the help of His Majesty, he will overcome. The Selecta always moves in circles; the Sheikh is the final upsetter and he will return!”

Dear Mungameli

There are quite a few positive attributes to President Jacob Zuma. So, let us begin with the positives:

(i) President Jacob Zuma has shuttered quite a few doubts & exceeded expectations many thinkers held pre-Presidency.

– A good record of service delivery
– Good response time to discontent
– Profound resilience, exceptional ability to overcome callamity
– Display of great humility
– Reaching out to President Thabo Mbeki during public displays

(ii) President Zuma was and still remains vigorous in attempts to divert the economy of South Africa from the shackles of white capital, which remains racist & hostile.

How our views of President Zuma evolved:

(i) …

(ii) ….

You get the idea… The African National Congress asked us not to make disparaging remarks about the President and the Congress. Stay tuned!



Anna Abdallah copy


Anna Msekwa “Margaret” Abdallah

1973-1975 District Commissioner of Magu District of Mwanza
1975-1983 Regional Commissioner of Morogoro, Tanzania
1983-1988 Regional Commissioner of Dodoma
1988-1990 Minister of State by the Prime Minister
1990-1992 Minister of Agriculture
1992-1995 Minister of State of Regional Administration and Local Government
1995-2000 Minister of Works and Labour
2000 Minister of Health

Jan Reddy Mabuse Mampane
     Nom de guerre Reddy Mazimba, also Reddy Mazimbu

1976-1982 Chief Representative of the African National Congress, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
1994 Diplomat of The Republic of South Africa

Tor Sellström:

So you were in Tanzania during the construction of the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College, SOMAFCO? How did SOMAFCO come about?”

Reddy Mampane:

Yes. In fact, the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College came into being as follows: We had a problem with a lot of South African children in Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam was the capital and the Tanzanian authorities became sensitive about the fact that there were children all over the place. You know how young people behave. We therefore had to find a place for them and that was my responsibility as Chief Representative. We transported the children from Dar es Salaam to a place near to Morogoro, where ANC had a plot. However, that place was adjacent to a military base of the Tanzanian defence force. It did not take very long before it became a serious problem. The Tanzanian military got so excited by seeing these children from Soweto. They opened the gates and the children would go there at weekends to see films etc., interfering with security and the normal administrative work. Together with a comrade of mine I then went to the Tanzanian Regional Commissioner in Morogoro, Anna Abdallah, and told her that we needed a bigger place for our children. Anna delegated it to some of her colleagues and they took us to Mazimbu. Mazimbu was an old sisal estate with some dilapidated houses. There was no other place. We realized that this was the place and that we must do something about it. I sent a report to the ANC Headquarters in Lusaka, informing them that the Tanzanian government had given us a place in Mazimbu. It was funny. My ANC name was Reddy Mazimba and the place was Mazimbu. After that, many people wanted to address me as Mazimbu. ANC replied that it was very important that we built a school at that place. Now, there was no water and no electricity. Just bush and some old houses without doors or windows. People could not live there. The leadership in Lusaka then called Dennis Oswald, who had just finished his studies in architecture in the German Democratic Republic. When he came to Tanzania I showed him the place and said: ‘Dennis, do something!’ He studied those vacant old houses, called the students to clean the place, renovated the houses and finally we moved the students into those very same old houses. Nicely renovated, with doors and windows and so forth. But there was no electricity, so we used candles. And no water. There was a truck which would transport water for cooking, washing and drinking in drums from Morogoro. Life was very difficult for the first group of students at Mazimbu. But that is how SOMAFCO came into being.”


Fahari Sound Children

“Queen Majesty: You shred me to pieces when you call me a black aristocrat. You throw me into a blend of emotions. All that perhaps started with my legendary grandmother. My grandmother was a Xhosa woman from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She was in the first contingent arranged by the African National Congress [Women’s League] to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to establish the very original office of the African National Congress anywhere in the world. The ANC was a black nationalist organization banned by racist white South Africa in those years. She repeated this in Lusaka, Zambia after which she was sent to be personal aide to Mrs. Adelaide Tambo and the Tambo family. The ANC then repositioned her to Harare, Zimbabwe to help establish the African National Congress mission there. She re-married. She married a black intellectual who was Secretary of Zapu and who is today buried at the Heroes Acre in Harare. That means, my second grandfather is a national hero to the people of Zimbabwe. As you can imagine… They all used to circle the family complex. Blessed love!”

“Queen Majesty: You are correct to assume that I have allegiances to the African National Congress of South Africa; I also have allegiances to Chama Cha Mapinduzi; the Mauride Brotherhood; Rastafari Millenium Council and Ethiopian Orthodoxy. The story of my life is quite lengthy and complex.”