Fahari Sound Children

“Queen Majesty: You shred me to pieces when you call me a black aristocrat. You throw me into a blend of emotions. All that perhaps started with my legendary grandmother. My grandmother was a Xhosa woman from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She was in the first contingent arranged by the African National Congress [Women’s League] to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to establish the very original office of the African National Congress anywhere in the world. The ANC was a black nationalist organization banned by racist white South Africa in those years. She repeated this in Lusaka, Zambia after which she was sent to be personal aide to Mrs. Adelaide Tambo and the Tambo family. The ANC then repositioned her to Harare, Zimbabwe to help establish the African National Congress mission there. She re-married. She married a black intellectual who was Secretary of Zapu and who is today buried at the Heroes Acre in Harare. That means, my second grandfather is a national hero to the people of Zimbabwe. As you can imagine… They all used to circle the family complex. Blessed love!”

“Queen Majesty: You are correct to assume that I have allegiances to the African National Congress of South Africa; I also have allegiances to Chama Cha Mapinduzi; the Mauride Brotherhood; Rastafari Millenium Council and Ethiopian Orthodoxy. The story of my life is quite lengthy and complex.”


“I lived in America over twenty years. Throughout that stay I was physically attacked twice. The first was a heavy alcoholic leprotic guy I was trying to help during very late hours at the job.  The other was a pack of delinquent black riffraff youths who robbed me at gun point in Richmond, Virginia. They took off with 53 dollars in hard currency and identity cards, all replaceable of course. Needless to state, both times I was attacked by black people, just like me. The other milestone event was a black woman at the reception desk of the American immigration offices in Norfolk, Virginia. She was determined Fahari Sound must be deported. A senior white woman with proper authority came to our help instead. She ‘fixed’ all that shit at the snap of the fingers. You decide!”
“Nobhala Gwede Mantashe: Stop defending destruction in the African National Congress. You are betraying John Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli, Oliver Thambo and Sheikh Nelson Mandela.  Mhlekhazi is eternally followed by a nasty plume of dust wheresoever he travels. Mhlekhazi has done more than plenty that is not correct. Let Commandos Ahmed Kathrada and Andrew Mlangeni lead for a while. Let Mbeki restore the Khongolo. Listen to them Secretary General… Listen to us please!”