“We are smart enough to understand that all issues in this life do have some background of some kind to them.  We grant you also that only you on the ground have a clearer understanding of internal challenges.  However, none of those concerns can be more tragic for the African National Congress than the violent outbursts at the news conference recently.  Look, here is rule numero uno, ‘You shall not conduct an ambush on a news conference where decent people are gathered to voice their concerns like a bunch of hooligans’.  …It does not look good through the camera!!!  Have some humility, brothers and sisters… Maintain some decency, I say…  We may disagree with them certainly but, ‘how wrong those persons are…’, is irrelevant in that kind of a setting; it does not even matter that we think they are some kinds of impersonators…  They are still very protected by the constitution and the democratic process that is championed by that very constitution.  Wow, you are damaging the movement once more with your eagerness, brothers and sisters.  Sad! Sad! Sad!  Because here comes another rude reminder that our people need help…  Furthermore, you must hold very strong that no single person(s) can validate or invalidate membership within the African National Congress of another, and certainly not with a bull horn in front of you.  Only the people can validate membership at any and all times.  Neither you or I maintain such authority.  More education in the Congress please because what happened there is bitter to the belly, I must say!  There can be no need for power grabs in this great future because real power is in the hands of the people, you must remember!  We have now entered the age of ideas, I tell you.”

Dreams of my Essay

“The legend Steve Biko and great Mutabaruka teach us that, ‘The biggest weapon in the hands of Babylon Church, is your mind.’ because once the shit-stem has your mind… Bombo red, yuh head gone mi friend!  Now, here comes Fahari Sound to tell you that the next biggest weapon in the hands of Babylon shit-stem is for us to turn against each other.  So, their plot is to build you and I up, put us in suits and ties so we can feel very special about ourselves, then drop you like a hot potato…  They will fire you so hard to make you want to slit your throat because, at that point, your own friends will start gossiping about you like something is very wrong with you.  Babylon is a bitchyard mi friend; Babylon has the mind of a child; Babylon is a blow job service fi true; Babylon comin’ like pure Sodom; Babylon is peligroso.  You have to love us because we only deal with real hard talk and we will deliver it quick over a great plate of food. Strictly the best and you are very invited!”

“I think the biggest poison fed to the people besides religion is ‘integration’.  Look at South Africa for example…  Who do you think keeps appearing on the television screen or your favorite radio station to talk a big bunch of rainbow nation, reconciliation, tolerance, non-racialism and all that Jazz?  I only see black people doing that and it has been like that since Aristotle began writing history.  So, the people are in a constant tangle with their very own minds.  ‘Is pure mental slavery dem suffer!’  See them wake up everyday trying to please people who are doing anything and everything under the sun to run away from them.  Smile because life is a bitch!”

“Someone tell them that they can only control the police once they control the economy.  They can march up and down night and day like clowns, and they will still suffer abuse…  Until you build your own industry that will make your own products to sell at the market…  Babylon only understands two things: (i) Force and (ii) Money. Babylon is a very wrinkle-hearted man and very godless too my friend.  And that is the way it is going to be all eternity.”

“And for us to be happy??? Ain’t that easy… I fuckin’ love it man!!!” Tego Calderon on ‘Cancion de Hamaca / I Love Reggae Music’

“Somebody shouted, ‘New name for the opposition: Nigga Dwight!’.  Yep, we have decided the opposition will be called Nigga Dwight from this point on.”


“Queen Majesty: Hereditary monarchies are outdated, obsolete & have no place in the modern world; monarchies are an opium of & a hypnosis to the masses.  I think it is time for the people to delete all monarchies from the face of the planet.”

“Have you had a job interview then prayed to God Almighty that you never get the job because the interviewer was a Dung-hole Trump with a Redneck mentality?”

“Olde Orange Klown Trump will go to hell some day. …That is what we are praying for, night & day!”

“If you want to meet ol’ corrupt dirty nigga, you need to go to City Hall.”

“Many times I think of dying just so I can stay as far away from capitalists as possible. I know there is no ‘china-man style’ in Heaven.”

“I just hate Capitalism with incredible powers, my Lord; I hate Capitalism till the day I die.”


“Do you know what sexual harassment is?  Let me tell you what sexual harassment is:  Sexual harassment is YOU keep asking me to take the sexual harassment class each time I get a job in your corporate bloody fuckin’ world… Yeah, I feel so fuckin’ harassed right now.  I feel harassed because I have everything to do with praying to the Emperor and nothing to do with your sexual harassment talk every time I turn on the radio.  I am bamboozled right now!”

“Very soon women will be going into men’s toilets, and men will be visiting women’s rooms instead.  The world is fucked up right now!  May be we can make it easy for them… Instead of going through the hassle, just take the pictures [the male & female signs at the entrance] and switch them around.  That way, men’s rooms will become women’s rooms.  Then feel the vice versa love… Just feel the burn once again here my superstar!!! :)”

“What they’ve managed to do in America is castrate, emasculate & feminize all men; men are now reduced to toddlers by their corporate world.  We are now officially neutered… We are so ‘de-balled’ right now, Jimmy!”

“Some of these women are mentally unbalanced bubble-heads & it is this psychosis that keeps telling them to make accusations against men.”



“All people, black & white, are Zulu people. [A’bantu base Zul’wini or Zulu’ini] means people of the Heaven [i’Zulu or eZulu’ini].  We are all people of the Heaven. We are all Zulu people for sure!  Can you believe that?  But behold, Sindi is a very pretty young lady from Kwazulu, Natal and she sits on this chest eternally.”

“Dunia ni u’china; dunia hii ni ya wa’China… Dunia ni u’nyama tu!”

“I treated a homeless man to breakfast this morning.  He thanked me & asked me if I could change the economy or had a way to speak to Barack…  I said to him I could reach Barack quite easily if I set my mind to it because he is only a phone call away.   But I wonder what I would tell Brother Leader because he is already reading & plagiarizing my writings.”

“I speak and write extensively about race, and I do so in a manner that is very discomforting to many people, not because I hate white or black people but because I love all people.  When black boys beat up a white child, I am always there to defend the white child just well.  Many times I take the sticks and knives myself…  When older black men in East Africa call a child a ‘half cast’, I reprimand them and correct them that his name is Bob, not ‘Half Cast’.  Something deep inside commands me to hate injustice…  I do not know why but I have always been like that, all through my childhood.”

“We have a new nickname for Brother Leader Long Speech Comrade Professor Excellency Barack.  It’s the symbol  ‘O’ . Apostrophes are for the big ears, O for Obama.  Sorry Barack… You know we love you!”

“Wow! I heard they’re killing black/African people in India now. But all this time I thought Coolies were niggas too.  Such dumb monkeys!”

“If the devil, as in Lucifer in person, were to come down from his home called ‘Hell’, which country do you think he would choose as his home?”

“Have you ever been to a job interview then prayed to God Almighty you NEVER get that job?  Yeah, that is how I felt at the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control. The interviewer was an older gentleman with a mindset like Dung-hole Trump. I felt like strangling the cock head all through the interview.”

“All terms or compound words with the word ‘black’ have very negative meanings or connotations except one, and it is the ONE term that is most elevated of all.  Let us give examples of terms with the word black; some examples are ‘black market’, ‘black widow’, ‘black continent’, ‘black heart man’ and so forth.  But the one term that matters to life itself is …….?”

“What if white, Arab and Indian people wake up to find out God is actually a black man or woman.  “Oh, shit!”  Yeah, that is what I would say…  [Don’t laugh because you know that is more than seriously funny!].”

“I smoke a pile of marijuana sometimes then I sincerely contemplate some craziness.  At times I think quite a few white people cannot or do not notice that they are being racist.  I sometimes think there is an underlying genetic condition or nerve that fires off or triggers, just as adrenaline triggers during ‘flight or fight’ circumstances.  …Perhaps an involuntary process that consumes or seizes control of the human person without regard to his or her conscience, rationale or mental benchmarks.  I tend to think racism is more a person’s clinical incompetence, past psychosis and more toward physiology.  In other words, may be and just may be,’White people are not fit to stand trial for they know not what they do!’  Alas, my hypothesis then becomes, ‘Racism is a genetic condition after all!’ What do you think?”

“Do you know the word?  There is one word and only ONE word in the English language that is most misused, misunderstood or confusing because it can mean up to eight different things – all at the same time – on any sentence it is used.  At times it can even cancel itself out on the very same sentence, depending on how you interpret the statement.  Politicians, heads of nations, attorneys and the beaks [news reporters] love it very much and it is actually a very simple word. What is it please?”

“Do you know the word?  There is a single word in the English language that is more correct, or mostly preferred, in it’s negation than it’s ratification or normal format.  Just as an example, a negation is a word like ‘inability’, while the it’s ratified or normal format is ‘ability’.  ‘Ability’ and ‘inability’ are opposites or antonyms of each other, as you may know.  What is even more amazing about the two words in question is that they break all rules because both, the positive/ratification & negative/negation formats, mean the same thing.  As a hint, the words happen to be practically everywhere in your home.  What is the pair of words please?

Okay, I will help you because this very challenging… The words are ‘candescence’ and ‘incandescence’, where you always hear ‘incandescence’ and never you hear of it’s sister, ‘candescence’.”

“I recall attending a farewell meeting for the finance manager of the company [obviously a white man].  There was a black woman [same department as the departing finance manager] shedding rivers of tears, and the only person to do so out of about 30 people. I felt like killing that pumpkin!”

“Fire burn dong deh to raateed! Native American fire caan’ kool ya sah… Cannot cool till reparation are paid, mi king! More fire please!”

“Anyone who thinks I was not humiliated by racism in America is a fuckin’ fool! I suffered every bit of it, every step of the way & it is an awful experience that my children will hear about till they turn purple.”

“I wonder why white South Africans are so negative, depressing & pessimistic people?  I wonder why they are such party poopers?”

“‘Rushwa’ means bribery or corruption in Swahili.  Rushwa is like a blow job in that there is always a ‘giver’ and a ‘taker’.  But fire for the giver and the taker please… Feel the burn!”

“You tell me how we are going to work out this ‘toilet problem’… Can you imagine your daughter going to the bathroom then some dude pops out his ding dong in front of your princess then smiles and says, ‘Oh, don’t be scared little girl… I’m just transgender!’ Eonamel ah Hell to rateed!”

“Name me one evil man or woman to have walked this Earth & I will tell you there was good inside them still.  Adolf Hitler loved art & that’s what made him lose his conscience. Idi Amin Dada hated Apartheid.  Robert Mugabe expropriated African people’s land from white racists.”

“But then again, you stand right there & do no wrong at all… Just stand & catch a chill pill for a while…  I promise you my dear that before the sun goes down, someone will find something wrong with you. That is human nature for you!!”

“Look, now we cannot find a fuckin’ President to rule the bloody country… Everyone is stupid right now… Thanks to the 2 term limit!”

“It’s this gormless, zoogenic orange Ku Klux Klown named Trump. Let this Orange Klown fall right now, brothers & sister…”


Life is a Pyramid

Initially, let us establish that all of life is a peck order in one form or another and by all account. So long as there is life, there will always be a dominance hierarchy. A profound writer of South African origin named Bessie Head satirized such issues very well in her work, Maru, which is a great read indeed. So, in all crudity, all of life is some form of a pyramid. All corporations, financial institutions included, political parties and any organized entities at all do resemble a pyramid by nature. Pyramids are a fact of life, a fact of the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.

Pyramid Schemes

The idea of a “pyramid scheme” is loaded and invokes negativity to mean “fraud” or “preying on unsuspecting, perhaps uninformed, desperate and distressed persons or communities”.

Network Marketing / Multi-level Marketing (MLM) / Referral Marketing


1. A marketing strategy in which sales representatives of a company recruit other salespeople and earn commissions on their own sales and on the sales made by their team. ‘Use your personal relationships to be successful in network marketing.’

Direct Marketing


1. Marketing directly to the consumer, as by direct mail or coupon advertising.


2. Selling goods directly to consumers rather than through retailers, usually by word of mouth, mail order, direct-mail shot, newspaper advertising, door-to-door selling, telephone selling, the Internet, or television home-shopping channels. Also called direct selling.



1. (South African) An informal savings pool or syndicate, usually among black people, in which funds are contributed in rotation, allowing participants lump sums for family needs (esp funerals).

Stokvels are cooperatives with a long history, which are quite common and practiced throughout the African continent, particularly among women, which perhaps points to the intrinsically provident nature of women in general. They are simplistic financial programs for women-to-women welfare, benevolence or simply gestures of kinship. From their inception, stokvels are essentially “rainy day fund” operations.

Just as an illustration, stokvels are foundational early stages of credit unions. With time, credit unions can become quite sophisticated and develop to semi-commercial banks, then grow to full fledged hard core capitalist commercial financial institutions.

Stokvels also provide the foundational stones of a pyramid structure; you can think of stokvels as just one slice, stratum or layer [particularly the very first, bottom most or base layer] of a pyramid hierarchy, without the hierarchy itself.

Stokvels are not perfect unto themselves because they do leave a door open for corruption. From pure definition, stokvels are socialism, communism or idealism in action. And from their intention and purpose, there is absolutely nothing wrong with classic socialist programs; however, ills do penetrate cooperatives because of the inherent fallibility or imperfections of human nature. And in a slight twist, stokvels usually collapse at some stage because they are vulnerable to infiltration, philosophical or otherwise, and have an unavoidable nature that make them attractive to agents of corruption.



1. A swindle in which a quick return, made up of money from new investors, on an initial investment lures the victim into much bigger risks.

Why Pyramid Schemes are Illegal

Pyramid schemes, in their negative sense, are difficult to grapple with because they can be both, legal up till a certain stage, then quickly become illegal past boundaries. Let us look at how and why pyramid schemes can be legally sanctioned.

i) Before their point of mutation, pyramid schemes are perfectly legal enterprises so long as they reside within tenets of multi-level or network and direct marketing, as can be deduced from definitions above.

ii) Just looking at how they function and from a puristic view alone, pyramid schemes are not illegal till “someone gets burned”, and worse, till the pyramid itself collapses. In simple terms, “there is no crime till one is committed, till law enforcers catch on or till someone reports the crime”. Further, they are a legal nightmare to police because there is nearly no way to be proactive or offensive in thwarting criminality till after the fact, leaving authorities persistently lagging, chasing and in reactive mode.

Let us briefly address why pyramids normally fall into “the gray area”, and why they proceed to full throttle illegality.

i) If we think of direct and network marketing as front end practices of the system of capitalism, then pyramid schemes are the perfection of unfettered profiteering. As such, pyramids have evil or ill will at their core, from the onset. “Pyramids are out to make a killing, and will stop at nothing!”

ii) Those individuals right at the top of the pyramid can, and usually do, operate laterally; that is, function or divest horizontally between two or more pyramids or investors [to lure investors for the sake of defrauding those investors]. In other words, pyramids are also, or can easily become, Ponzi schemes.

iii) Pyramid schemes are usually unregistered by state. They bear front names, faces or exteriors that are meaningless, layered, untraceable and ones that can fade to thinness at a snap. They are word-of-mouth, shady and “sub-subterranean” by nature, which leaves participants with no recourse.

iv) Pyramids, just like stokvels and cartels of narcotics, always collapse, leaving all participants, except individuals right at the apex or climax, in utter devastation. This is perhaps the foremost reason as to why pyramid schemes cannot and should never be legal, regardless of definition or political correctness thereof.

v) Threat to national and international security. For example, pyramids provide ancillary frameworks for collusion among nefarious international financial networks quite more readily. The covert nature of monetary exchanges are notoriously difficult to account for by authorities, thereby directly or indirectly aiding organized crime syndicates with their executions of money laundering, racketeering, trade in synthesized narcotics, contraband and arms. Pyramid schemes know no geographies, know no political borders and are eternally elusive. They are shadow economies, which makes them ghosts, which then makes them quite dangerous!

vi) For their success, pyramid schemes must entrench themselves as cults. It is no coincidence that their spirited gatherings, meetings, fests and raves mimic those of charismatic church congregations. Those pretentious “brotherly-sisterly powwows” consciously aim at implementing an aggressive step-by-step brainwashing agenda. Blind faith [complete doctrinal submersion] of participants is very important to “pyramid lords”. They truly waste valuable time of and derail the development of citizens, particularly young people, who are easily impressionable and gullible, further undermining national development. You may think of cults as the re-writing of the system of slavery. Pyramids are a clever re-visitation of slavery!

Why Pyramid Schemes Prey on Black South Africans

i) Desperation

ii) Culture of stokvels among black women predisposes many South Africans. Stokvels provide a working framework for a pyramid scourge to build upon; stokvels are perfect hosts for pyramid parasitism.

iii) Advent of the zealous church in South Africa. Black South Africans fall victim because they have a natural proclivity toward evangelical Christianity. Many persons tend to subconsciously juxtapose or blur the line between pyramid lords and ministers [priests or heads] of churches, perhaps out of desperation or social-cultural emotional disposition. Keep in mind that church congregations themselves are fertile settings for advertising of any kind, word of mouth direct marketing, and therefore pyramid operations. On a more controversial note, church ministers can, and usually do, double as or conduct themselves no differently from pyramid lords. The reverse is true! Pyramid lords parade quite similarly to church ministers; pyramid lords and church ministers have become mirror proxies or Xerox copies of each other.

iv) The communal nature of African people in general makes them vulnerable to a multiplicity of threats.

v) The growing prevalence of addiction to synthesized narcotics / drug addiction internationally is an intense contributor to these vulnerabilities.

Fahari Sound International | Citation: Dictionary.com & wikipedia.org

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