Babylon System

“There is no way you can shout verbal commands from inside a police vehicle without windows rolled down. But you and I have never seen police car windows rolled down unless something is very out of the normal. The police car drove right into the children’s park [which is illegal by the way] for the sole purpose of firing shots and killing Tamir Rice.”

“It’s not that we have anything against the police… As a matter of fact, the police are no different from any ordinary person who works at the shopping mall for instance… They are simply people with families who are trying to provide for themselves, just like you and I. What we are against are the things they do when they think society is sleeping or not watching. What we are against is them conducting reprisals or settling scores simply because we decided to vote for a black man to be our President. What we are against is them representing ‪#‎Capitalist‬ interests at our expense. What we are against is them representing racist court judges & police chiefs at our expense. What we are against is them operating as though they are above society altogether. What we are against is them trying to influence public opinion by arming up, muscling people around and killing poor people. That is what we are against.”

“What we have in America is a backward white dominated criminal justice system that represents no one but itself.”

“What we have in American is a paranoid white police force that operates as though seeking to repress an impending slave rebellion.”

“What we have is a police force that is a runaway train; funded by citizens but treats citizens as enemy, in favor of white court judges.”

“Big up to the Greater Richmond Transport Company for very enjoyable & affordable bus rides. Yeah, they are many times a little late & sometimes the drivers are quite itchy but the service is reasonably civilized overall. Washington D.C. & New York transportation systems can learn from Richmond’s GRTC buses.” Fahari Sound International



“Two songs that will penetrate the universe for all eternity are “Vulindlela” by Brenda Fassie & “Matswale” by the legendary Caiphus Semenya”. If you don’t know who Caiphus Semenya is, you should listen to the song “Liberian Girl” by Michael Jackson. The background vocals of that legendary song were done by Semenya and his wife Letta Mbulu. I think they also coached Michael Jackson on how to pronounce Swahili words “Nakupenda piya, nakutaka piya… Mpenzi we!”, which translate to “I love you, I need you… My love!”, at the intro and serenaded throughout the classic. Blessed love!” Fahari Sound International



“When I become President of the country, I will have two desks: One for Commander Nelson Mandela, one for me. Then I will have 3 portraits on the wall behind me: President Thabo Mbeki, Comandante Che Guevara & Julius Kambarage Nyerere. Then I will clean up every inch of the country. And if you have participated in any form of corruption, you might as well dig yourself a grave because we will bury you alive.” Commando Fahari Sound


FAHARI SOUND LIVE in Richmond, Virginia

Saturday, June 6th | Champagne splashing in fine African style | One legendary sound man, one Don Sound || One Fahari Sound



“I recall someone called South Africa FM with brother Sidney Baloyi live on air & said, “First of all, fuck these white people…”

“White America is like a high-maintenance lady. She is an attention seeker & u can cool her only if you stop paying attention to her showoff & performance.”

“The warmest people, the people who humanize America are the ordinary black people you will meet on the streets. They simply need a chance!”

“I guess white people don’t bother me because deep down I know I am superior than them in every regard… They know that so they fuck off!”

“When we were students at Virginia Commonwealth University, professors there were disabling us students of color by segregating scholars.”

“It was at Virginia Commonwealth University where we began to smell the packaging of American white racism.”

“White professors at the university [VCU] used to give us “B” grades when we deserved “A” grades, gave us “C” when we deserved “B”. Racism!”

“AMERICA is a country with skeletons deep in the closet that keep popping out. Those skeletons scare the hell out of white America…”

“With Africa, Brazil, India & China on the rise, reality is that white domination is officially irrelevant & behind us. Just ignore them…”

“Black & brown people of America must take the blame for their fixation with these silly racist whites, who have NOTHING to offer them.”

“When we entered America to study, we noticed a systemic disabling of black people, from infancy to death by white, silly & racist America.”

“Police violence against black & brown people reveals to the world that America is a country of a pretentious, trash-minded white society.”

“White police violence [with their black & brown poodles] against blacks will tear apart this country that likes to call itself superpower.”

“The one-sidedness of police violence against talented black people can be attributed to the stupid teachings of tolerance in Christianity.”

“Deep down I know that white & black people are united. It’s just a few cunts [court judges, police chiefs] who want us to be divided.”

“Ok, let me be very plain… The American police force is made of what we call ‘white trash’ alongside their black poodles & jelly beans.”

“Black, white, yellow & brown people must unite against these Redneck police cunts, their court judges & pot-belly police chiefs.”

“I am the superstar appointed by RASTAFARI to speak the truth live & direct.”

“What we have in America is a white sense of self-righteousness that is determined that the black condition is criminal & evil condition.”

“If we all [black, white, yellow & brown] can rise at the same time, we can down their bloody fuckin’ Pentagon in one second…”

“You have to remember that these racist American police cunts are just a handful of people with stupid toys that can cause serious harm.”

“If JAH RASTAFARI assigned me the duty of sound man, I have the responsibility of speaking out & be prepared to die for that message.”

“Fox News & AM radio stations of America are the hangout for poor white & uneducated Americans. It’s the epicenter for senseless violence.”

“The American Republican ideology capitalizes on creating fear in the minds of uneducated poor whites, who make-up America’s under-crust.”

“There has never been anything more stupid that this thing called Fox News, which is the mouthpiece of the Redneck Republican mentality.”

“Henrico Police of Virginia is a racist police system that capitalizes on sucking the blood of black & brown people.”

“There has never been a more troubling ideology on the face of the Earth than the Republican thinking…”

“The Republican ideology is an ideology of fear targeted at poor uneducated white people, just like Apartheid & Israeli [Jewish] racism.”

“White Americans have been very good at disabling & railroading people of color [using employment] into poverty to maintain superiority.”

“Where the racists of America have been swift & effective is controlling the minds of blacks, particularly using Christianity to tame them.”

“The Arabs know quite well that they will come in & deliberately create destitution then turn around & talk about, “Let us help the poor.””



“You must have empathy for the violent nature in us black South Africans and black Zimbabweans. What we are is a generation of people who have been grossly abused by white racism over a very long period. We are very damaged people. That is why we can only solve problems through violence. We are spark plugs because of the harsh dehumanizing brutality we suffered at the hands of white racism. Sometimes you listen to a black South African refer to fellow Africans as ‘Africans’ as if he himself is not an African. It is the ‘othering effect’ in psychology that was implanted on us by the colonial & slave masters. We are ashamed of our own brothers & sisters just because they may wear a slightly darker shade than ours. Yes, some of us hate other black people for no reason at all… That’s all because we grew up being violated & humiliated in every manner imaginable. You have to forgive our rowdy & violent behavior. WE ARE JUST VERY FUCKED UP PEOPLE! And while we are busy attacking our brothers and sisters in the township, those spiteful white South Africans, who are the real cause of the problem, are smiling because the formula is working… Aaaaammaaaaaaandla!”


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